Not Enough Items

Today Zach installed Not Enough Items (NEI).

He used this inside Tekkit, but has been wanting to break free of the Tekkit environment. There are mods he wants to play that aren’t in there.

We installed Forge (actually we installed this the other day when we installed SHU – Super Heroes Unlimited) and Zach copied CodeChickenCore, multipart Forge and NEI into the mods folder – all for versions 1.6.4.

You click the “show” box next to “spoiler” in the download/installation to see where to copy from.

When Zach copied the files from downloads to Mods he created shortcuts to the files instead of copying or moving.
That took a little while to figure out.

OK, now that we actually copied the files to the mods folder the NEI menu is displaying.

Unfortunately we seem to be stuck in recipe mode.
Changing to Cheat does nothing noticeable.
The item menu was also missing the “save 1/10″ on the left.

Zach’s frustration mounted. I eventually had to take the computer and have a look myself.
I tried the age old test of clicking around until I found something interesting.

It’s funny, I know computers inside and out, but know nothing of MineCraft. I had to ask Zach how to bring up the inventory list. I removed some mods, restarted, nothing.

Eventually I found my way to the “Global” button. After clicking that everything started working as expected and we were good to go.

Now he downloaded Godzilla and Frankenstein mods from the same person who made SuperHeroes Unlimited.
it took all of 60 seconds to have it copied in the right place.

As I’m typing this on my laptop, Godzilla is battling Mechagodzilla on Zach’s World and destroying everything in their paths.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Have a great weekend and Happy Modding

Modding Minecraft

My son is a giant fan of MineCraft.

He’s watched every single video there is and loves adding Mod Packs to his game. What that really means is he loves downloading malware and infecting the crap out of his computer. He’s learned a lot over the last few years and the problems don’t happen as often as they used to.

There are some basic tips to help you out:

0.1 – Start by making a backup of your .Minecraft folder and it’s contents. I do this in Windows by simply browsing to the %appdata%. Right clicking on .Minecraft folder and hovering over “Send to” and clicking “Compressed (zipped) File”. Name it something that makes sense to you. I usually call mine something like “”. date would be the date of the backup.

1. Never, and I mean never, download from anywhere other than the source. Finding the correct source can be tricky. Tip: Try searching just the MOD name. I find that whenever i search for more than just the mod name a ton of crappy sites come up. Normally if searching only the mod name the forum result will be in the first 5 or 6 – use that one and read the directions.

2. Don’t ever, and I mean ever, install a download manager. You don’t need one. More than likely it’s malware or PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). I use a bunch of stuff to protect and clean my computer.
Junkware Removal Tool – JRT
Hitman Pro
ADW Cleaner
Microsoft Security Essentials
I use a lot of free and opensource stuff. you can also buy Norton or McAfee or whatever security program you prefer – just make sure you use one.

3. Back up your computer once a month or so.

4. Read the directions. I mean, seriously, read the directions. They often list common pitfalls to avoid.

5. Search up videos on how to install whatever it you are trying to install. MineCraft people love making videos and someone probably made a video doing exactly what you are trying to do.

6. Sometimes the directions suck. I know I just said read the directions, but these MineCraft people don’t always picture your specific situation when writing the directions. Yesterday I was stuck for an hour trying to get the SHU (Super Heroes Unlimited) Mod to work. The directions say get latest version of forge – you don’t want the latest version of forge. You want the version that works with 1.64. Seriously, an hour of my life is gone thanks to those directions.
This post gave me the idea to try a different version –

7. Learn what the terms are for everything.
A profile is the username you use when you first log in.
A mod is a series of files, scripts, code, etc that makes minecraft behave differently.
searching %appdata% will get you to the folder you need to get to in Windows. mine is under C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\.Minecraft
you can place mods in the mod folder zipped or unzipped.
A rar is the same thing as a zip, but it allows code to be

8. Before using your new mod on the world you took 10 years to make, save a copy of your worlds. Go to the .Minecraft/saves folder. There is a folder for each one of your worlds. You can zip the entire thing and save on your desktop or just copy the world you want to mess with.

Nothing like seeing Godzilla rampage your entire reproduction of the city of Philadelphia that you took a year to make. Thank goodness for backups.

I’ll update more as I think of things. Hope this helps you out.

Happy Modding :)

Trying to get fast, again

For the last two months I’ve been working on regaining some of my past speed.

Really, I’ve never been fast, so saying ‘speed’ means 8 minute miles or less.

The plan is to try and beat my 5k pr of 24:30 (roughly, can’t remember what my actual PR is)

I’ve been running 3 to 4 miles 3 times a week.

I’ll do some long straight runs averaging around 9 minutes per mile.

I’ll also do some run walk runs where I average 9 minutes per mile.

It’s so funny how you can actually walk for 5 minutes and still average 9 f’ing minutes per mile.

I weighed in at 219 lbs in the first week of January at the Dr.
This past Friday – 211.

Today I got on my scale at home and it read 200 for the first time in years.
I don’t trust my scale at home though. We’ll see how my official weigh in goes on Friday.

on my non running days I’ve been doing weights.
chest, arms, core – almost no legs.
maybe if I add squats and some other leg work I could increase my speed.

anyway, enough random thoughts for now.

get out and run people

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What I Want for Christmas

My wife, friends and others have been asking what I want for Christmas and I always reply nothing or I don’t need anything.

I feel a bit off about people buying me things, especially in a tough economy.
There are so many people in need I feel a bit ashamed to admit that I want things.

But I do want things.

So, if you really want to know what I want, here is my top 10 along with some items to avoid further down.

1. anything you make, or your children make. I f’ing love creativity.
2. your time, in real life, lets hang out, buy me a drink. Let’s run a 5k together.
3. lens filters for my camera – polarize, star, UV, colors, doesn’t matter I don’t have any.
4. a macro lens – I want to be able to count the hairs on a crickets leg (i shoot with Nikon)
5. a telescope that I can connect my camera to.
6. a microscope that i can connect my camera to.
7. more time. life is too short
8. gift cards for camera stores or places that sell camera equipment.
9. world piece, and maybe an entry to a 5k or 10k
10. stuff for my kids, don’t waste money on me. Buy something for my kids instead. They are the best kids in the world and I’m an ass.

Things not to get me.

1. Cards – I hate, hate, hate cards that are bought at a store. If you want to send me a photo card or one you make, great, but do not get me a Halmark card. what a waste.
2. electronics – I’m picky, nerdy, and a bit of an ass. avoid that.
3. checks – I don’t cash them. I feel to guilty.

You could also get me things that might help me achieve my goals in life.
I don’t know what these things are, but my goals are (in no particular order)

Run More
Lose 40 lbs
spend more time with good people
spend more time with my family.
play less video games
have abs
be able to see those abs
road trips, lots and lots of road trips
see my grandparents in AZ
start a start up
have time alone with my wife – date nights, day trips, long walks on beaches
take more pictures
be less of an ass
be less of a know it all

So anyway, now you know what I want and maybe a little more about me.

I hope you have a fantastic day, winter and holiday season.

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The day after

OK, so push-ups were not that hard (I must have some remnants from the 100 pushup challenge still in me), sit ups were more challenging then I thought they would be, but I still completed them.
Dips were also completed.

Pull ups/chin ups – not even remotely possible.
I managed to eek out 5.

during the sets I was winded. really, really winded. It made me frustrated and sad.

I went for a 2 mile run/walk/parkour after with my boys.

All in all I really enjoyed trying this out and look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Today I’m going to run a couple of miles again.

6 excercises, 50 times each

Friend of mine suggested this non-equipment needing regiment and I’m going to give it a shot.

50 pushups. 50 sit ups. 50 dips. 50 squats. 50 pull ups. 50 chin ups.

He says I should be able to do it, but I couldn’t imagine doing 50 pull ups or chin ups.

For me I’ll try this every 2-3 days for the next 2 weeks and see how it goes.

I’m also going to run 1 mile each day.

I currently weigh 220 lbs and I’m just under 6ft tall.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Thank goodness for the fall

Every year when I’m out running in the 100 degree heat and dying for air I question my resolve.

Why am I here? Where is the air conditioner? Why did I eat so much?

But the summer eventually ends and the temperature drops to human levels.

Oh, yeah. I actually like running. This is fun. Look at all the beautiful leaves.

It also means a lot less pedestrians at lakes, beaches and other beautiful running locations.

This particular photo was taken in mid September at Lake Watauga TN.

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5k training – couch to 5k – week 1

so today ran 2.6 miles through Kingston and North Woods in Cherry Hill. Mostly in Kingston.

It was a nice run – walk – run with our longest run interval being 5 minutes and our longest walk interval 90 seconds.

It took us 34 minutes to complete.

Jeanne and I feel great and we’re going to reward ourselves with some junk food (but not too much).

Have a great weekend!

From couch to 5k

OK, so  I’m not really starting from the couch, but my wife, sons and I are going to run the Paws and Feet 5k in May.

We’re going to start up a team and see if we can get some people to join in the fun for a good cause.

We only have 8 weeks to get in shape, but that should be plenty of time to build up to a fun 5k run.

This weekend we started with walk,run,walk to get everyone used to running in a slow easy way.

I am somewhat fit at 6ft tall and 30lbs overweight (220).
Jeanne is fit and active. This will be her first 5k
Zach is is a normal active 10 year old, but has never run more than a mile.

Now that you know us a bit you can roughly judge for yourself if you fit in the same category as us or if you need to adjust your schedule to be harder or easier than ours.

It’s important to take it easy the first week or so. This will help you have fun running and not think running is the worst thing in the freaking world.

We did a 1 mile route around our neighborhood and planned on doing it twice. Just in case the entire team couldn’t make it 2 miles.

Start with a 5 minute brisk walk to warm up.

then jog for 90 seconds

brisk walk 90 seconds

jog 90 seconds.

do this until you finish, then do a 5 minute cool down walk followed by some stretching.

It should take you around 20 to 30 minutes to finish.

Next time out run for 90 seconds, walk 90, run 180 seconds, walk 90, run 180, walk 90, etc.

mix in the 90 second runs and 3 minute runs as you see fit.

we’re going to do this 4 times in the next week with rest days in between.

Welcome to the world of running. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Danger, thump thump, Danger

I don’t know if you know this or not, but bunnies thump when they sense danger. They do this to alert the rest of the herd that something is coming and to be alert.

About 30 minutes ago Marshmallow, our miniature lop eared bunny, started thumping like crazy. Being that it was three in the morning I tried like hell to ignore it and stay asleep. Marshmallow kept thumping, and thumping, and thumping.

I’ve heard an occasional thump in the night, but It’s never been this bad before. (Do you know bunnies are nocturnal?)

Maybe one of the boys woke up and come downstairs to get some water or play video games or just curl up on the couch and watch some TV when they couldn’t sleep. Whatever I’m staying in bed. I’m sure Marshmallow will stop in a minute.

The thumping continued.

Eventually I had to respect the thumping and rose wearily from my bed. Jeanne was silently next to me and the dog was out cold.

I saw light coming from under my door and thought again that one of the boys were up.

First AJ’s room. The TV was on, but he was sound asleep in his bed.
Next to Zach’s room. His clock light was on, but again sound asleep.

I heard some rustling downstairs while I stood at the top of the stairs listening intently.

There was something down there.

I stood frozen at the top of the steps trying to imagine what, or who, was downstairs. After an eternity I ventured into the darkness. Not scared, but sure there was something or someone down there.

First to the dining room where I grabbed my sword and turned on the lights. Nothing.

Kitchen, lights, I noticed the door leading to the mud room was open. We always close that door. From my vantage point in the kitchen I could see the playroom door was also open.

Sword in hand I approached silently. Movement from the bathroom.


Out walks my ferret. I laughed and returned him to his cage in the mud room. Where he earlier did a Houdini and wondered out through the door AJ left open.








The bunnies cage in the play room was/is a disaster. I must have left the door open when I turned the light off before bed.


Sorry about that Marshmallow.

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